Friday, February 8, 2019

Automatic Dream Theater: Brooke Steiger

automatic dream theater:  Brooke Steiger

February 16 - April 20, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 16, 5-8pm
Artist talk: Friday, March 15, 5-8pm

Extended Gallery Hours:
Friday, March 1, 5-8pm
Friday, April 5, 5-8pm

automatic dream theater by Brooke Steiger is an evolving, multi-media project featuring several small scale, found-object sculptures in the form of insect, animal and hybrid/human characters. These nature-inspired personalities inhabit theatrical sets and installations. Each serve as muse in a variety of other media: photographs, drawings, paintings, prints and books. Meant to delight the eye, engage the intellect, and cultivate a sense of wonder. This narrative work is a synthesis of observations gathered through the filter of education and travel.
automatic dream theater  will be an immersive visit into Steiger's studio and the world she has built for her characters, which will be transplanted into the main gallery.

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Above right /Below, images from Steiger's studio.

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