Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Constructed Reality

Constructed Reality

Exhibiting May 18 - July 13, 2019

Featuring: Cindy Dominguez, Daniel Peebles, Miguel Gandert, and Mary Zaremba

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 18, 5-8pm

Artist Talk: Friday, June 21, 5-7pm

Cindy Dominguez, Ditz and Dahs 1 
Miguel Gandert, Chicawales, Jesus Maria, Mexico
 In the age of the Selfie, we document our lives, our presence, our image; we are obsessed.  These outstanding photographers have been pursuing a broader photographic image of humanity and cultural concerns for many years through their unique Constructed Realities. However, on many levels, their work, as the selfie, records our presence and relationship with our environment, defining our obsession with human image.

Professor Miguel Gandert is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Communication and Journalism at the University of New Mexico.  His recent work explores the contrast between Hispanic life in Spain, Latin America, Old and New Mexico.  Working primarily with black and white photography, his documentaries, installations and photographs form a strong art form and a way of expressing complex cultural relationships.

Daniel Peebles explores issues of self and the individual’s perspective in an isolated and ambiguous world.  His photographs depict individuals within a family but, through his observation, investigate the complicated relations between human beings.  He creates a set within their environment, an impromptu theater production where he explores what makes us human: our frailties, our strengths, our loneliness, our intimacies and our absurdities in the psychological minefield of family.
Daniel Peebles, Subterranean
Mary Zaremba, Silk Series  #1

Cindy Dominguez marries traditional photographic techniques with contemporary digital procedures, printmaking, and sewing to create clean, careful constructs that emphasize design over storytelling.  While adding elements of familiarity to her photographs to create understanding with the viewer, she also hopes her work surprises and confuses.

For this exhibit, Mary Zaremba is exploring a photographic installation that combines printing her images as silk banners.  Her inspiration is drawn from the earliest existing depictions of feminine forms throughout civilization. Her images reflect lane shifts, layering, and masks which contribute to the perceived ambiguity of the seen and unseen.

Cindy Dominguez, Tribute to Alaia 2 

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