Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mary Ann Strandell: Dimensional Baroque

 The Boucher Room.  Sumi Ink Installation with Lenticular Prints
     December 18 - April 31, 2013
     Opening Reception, December 18, 5-8pm

Snapp Price Projects Gallery inaugurates their contemporary art gallery 
with a solo exhibition, Dimensional Baroque, by New York artist Mary Ann Strandell. 
Strandell explores the collision of postmodern and the Baroque, in a hyperspace 
installation. The use of an expansive sumi ink drawing with Lenticular prints
brings together high and low cultural memes, in her continued exploration of East meets West.

April Price Projects Gallery 
     The Hyatt Hotel
201 Third St. NW, Suite I 
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Hours: 12:30 to 5:30 Tuesday -Saturday or by appointment.

Courtesy parking in the Hyatt Garage on Copper Street

Koenig / Oracle , Sumi ink
on Pigment Print, 60" x 40"
Usonisn With Monkey, 22” x 18”,Lenticular Print, 2010

Stair/Siding, 22" x 19",
Lenticular Print, 2012
Snapp Price Pojects Gallery

Hotel, Apple Staircase, Lenticular Print 16x24”
"Orbit", 60" x 40", Pigment
Print on Somerset

Cherry Neutra,, 24” x 24”,Lenticular Print, 2010
Pink camp, 18x18, Lenticular Print, 2009
The Grande Room Installation 2012

Orange Float, Lenticular Print, 32x32”, 2012
Tiki Fox Red, 3D Lenticular Print
"Arc / Twirl", 3D Lenticular Print

Weave, 48x36", oil on canvas, 2010
"Conduit", 22"x 29", 3D Lenticular Print

Snapp Price Projects Gallery launches Strandell's solo exhibition as 
contemporary platform of Design Studio NM, LLC. April Price and Laura Snapp 
conceived Design Studio NM as a bridge between old and new world design. 
With their backgrounds in architecture, design and art, Design Studio NM 
highlights their professional services of interior design. 
Their contemporary gallery includes artists whose whose work has been included 
in many of their clients collections, as well as exhibitions over the last 12 years. 
April Price and Laura Snapp are excited in developing shows that bring a new and fresh 
experience to their audience and the cultural landscape of downtown Albuquerque. 

April Price - Tel - 505-573-0895 -  
Laura Snapp - Tel - 505-331-9084 -

ABOUT SNAPP PRICE PROJECTS GALLERY: Laura Snapp and April Price launched 

Snapp Price projects as an extension of Design Studio NM, LLC to host contemporary exhibitions

of emerging and mid-career artists.