Friday, February 7, 2020

Join us Saturday, February 15 from 11:00am-1:00pm

Bonnie Putnam Verardo, Spider Orchid, 11" x 8,"
Oil on linen, framed

Transitions: Artist Talk and Brunch

When: Saturday, February 15 from 11:00am-1:00pm
Where: 201 3rd Street NW, Ste. G, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Parking: Courtesy parking available in the Hotel Garage, Entrance off Copper and 3rd Street

Artists Speaking: David Antreasian, Angela Berkson, Susan Zimmerman and Bonnie Putnam Verardo

Angela Berkson, Parallel Play 2,  16" x 18," Encaustic on panel, Framed

Susan Zimmerman, Free Reign, 15" x 15," Encaustic on panel, framed

David Antreasian, Sunrise Over Utopia, 11"x17,"
Hand-painted pigment print, framed

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More about the Featured Artists for the Talk:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Transitions: Group Show and Holiday Party

Marietta Patricia Leis
Ascension 7, 20” round, Oil on Birch wood

Transitions: A group show inspired by the season of change. As we enter winter, we are surrounded by change: in time, in weather, in wardrobe, emotional and social obligations. The works in Transitions examine how the season’s changes present a unique opportunity to meditate in an area of our lives or physical experience in preparation of a new year. For many artists this exhibit represents a turning point in their work and a homage towards that transition.

Exhibiting: December 14 - February 1, 2019

Opening Reception & Holiday Bash:
Saturday: December 14, 5-8pm

Artist Talk and Brunch:
Saturday: February 15, 11:00am-1:00pm

Featured artists:

Alan Paine RadebaughAngela Berkson, Ann Dunbar, Barbel Helmert, Brooke Steiger, Bonnie Putnam Verardo, Cindy DominguezDavid Antresian, Debi Dodge, Jo AntresianKaren YankKarsten Creightney, Lin Johnson, Linda Mae TratechaudMargaret FitzgeraldMarietta Patricia LeisMary Ann Strandell, Mary Zaremba, Robert M. Ellis, Scottie Sheehan, Stephanie Lerma, Susan Zimmerman, Virginia Baiche

Angela Berkson, Parallel Play 3, 20" x 22.5,"
Encaustic on panel, framed

Margaret FitzgeraldScramble,  50" x 45," Oil, oil stick on canvas, 2019

Barbel Helmert, Untitled from the "Ranch Series", 36" x 28," Giclee Print

Susan Zimmerman, Veil, 15" x 15," Encaustic on panel

Mary Zaremba, Underworld , 10" x 15,"
Photography on aluminum plate

Bonnie PutnamVerardo, Stillness of a Watchfull Bird, 12" x 9," Oil on linen panel
Mary Ann Strandell, Conversation Pit, 20" x 13," 3D Lenticular Media

Stephanie Lerma, Approach, 8" x 8," Encaustic on Wood Panel

David Antreasian, Midnight Blue, 11" x 17," Hand-Painted Pigment Print

Alan Paine Radebaugh, NIGHT ONE,  32" x 14," Oil on Cavnas, Triptych

Jo Antreasian, Light in the Night, 11" x 10,"
 Mixed media, Transfer print
Jo Antreasian, Passage of Time, 11" x 10,"
Mixed media, Transfer print

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Through the Lives: Ann Dunbar exhibiting in the Design Studio Gallery

Through the Lives: Ann Dunbar

Exhibiting in the Design Studio Gallery, October 14 - December 7, 2019

Opening Recetpion: Friday, October 18: 5-8pm
First Friday's: November 1 & December 6
Brunch & Artist talk: November 9, 11-1:30pm

Through the Lives: New Work by Ann Dunbar

We are all traveling on our own distinct journey. We are interacting upon our environment and others while being acted upon in return. Ann Dunbar is an Albuquerque based artist whose art practice reflects her varied interests in culture,

Ann Dunbar’s work is like an altar to human existence, looking through the lives of many people through the careful layering of images of food, clothing, history, language and cultures. Dunbar is a lifelong traveler and collector of things. She is intrigued with everyday objects that are elevated to important representations of the past. Seemingly ordinary things can create a nostalgic memory unique to each viewer.

Dunbar’s fascination with the memories her materials illicit starts around drawings of her own Tree of Life design. Carefully drawn in pencil and ink, each tree is composed of abstract components, whimsically spiraling and culminating upwards. An occasional spear penetrates a tree, symbolizing the strike of trouble and hardship. Dunbar’s background in fashion and dress design is evident in her work; building onto her drawings with bits of anything. A few of her favorite materials include found objects, vintage textbooks, magazines, foil, and paint. Paper takes on a variety of highly structured forms: rolled, cut, torn, crumpled, altered and reassembled around the trees. The finished sculptural work is protected and honored inside an austere white shadow box with silver frame.