Tuesday, December 4, 2018

In Good Company Exhibition

DECEMBER 8 to JANUARY 31, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 8th, from 5 to 8pm

In celebration of April Price Project Gallery's SIXTH year, 
April and Brianne Clarkson, co-director, have curated the 
group exhibition: IN GOOD COMPANY

This show features artists who have worked with the gallery since it’s
inaugural show, Mary Ann Strandell: Dimensional Baroque, December 2012. 
Strandell's first show with APPG was an extension of her works that included
a series of conversations with April over time. The exhibition was a hyper-space,
site-specific installation of a baroque historic room, painted with sumo-e ink, 
expanding 30 feet, with sixteen 3D Lenticular prints, on the main gallery wall. 

All of the APPG exhibitions have begun as conversations and studio visits by 
April and Brianne, with the artists who have come to make this venue a culture 
center in downtown Albuquerque. It is with the help and participation of so many artists, 
collectors, writers, craftspeople, and the greater Albuquerque community 
that we celebrate SIX years!
Please join us this Saturday, December 8, from 5 to 8pm

Exhibiting Artists: